Very much like Sales Strategy, Strategic planning is a fundamental tool used by businesses to set priorities, focus and align resources, strengthen operations and ensure that all team members are working towards the common goals of the business. Strategic planning also establishes intended outcomes and results that are measureable over a period of time.

To reap the whole benefit of this service we would recommend a 4 day structure with all employees and stakeholders taking part in the process. We would then recommend a quarterly “catch up” to review your strategy and adapt if you need to.

An example programme:


Day 1) Analysis and assessment of the current business including your core purpose, values, beliefs and vison. We will look at issues to address, identify new opportunities and possible threats, who your customers are and who you want them to be and where applicable determine strengths and weaknesses is your employee input.


Day 2) What is your USP and where is your competitive advantage? How are you going to succeed in the short, mid and long term? We will develop your 3 year plan and your 3 year financial forecast.


Day 3) Development of KPI and framework (Your “To do” List”) This will involve setting organisational goals, KPIs, department goals (where applicable), team member goals and job descriptions (where applicable) and aligning your budgets with your forecast.


Day 4) Presentation of your strategic plan to employees and stake holders (Question & Answer Time)

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