Market research is pivotal in understanding where your “brand” fits within the market place. It can often highlight where you could be going wrong or indeed where you may have competitive advantage.

Market research is one of those jobs that most business owners fail to set time aside for when they are in the midst of running their business but it is so important. Naturally it’s a great thing to do periodically to ensure alignment with strategic goals.

At Cockerill & Co we can carry out market research covering any subject you like. It may be that you want to look at how a new product or service may be responded to, you may want to know what your competitors are up to or you may simply want to know what people think of your brand.

Alongside market research, mystery shopping is a great tool to use both internally and externally and we can develop a programme that can comprehensively assess the customer experience, ensure compliance from employees or even to monitor your competition.

This service is completely flexible and will be adapted to you requirements.

Contact us today on 01325 952329 or email to arrange your free 1 hour assessment of needs meeting or to discuss your requirements.

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